Our Mission

LETS.INK is a non-profit, student-run organization that is working to help underprivileged children across the globe. We are focused on providing musical instruments, toys, books, and other items crucial to the development of kids during their formative years in order to promote equal opportunities despite income disparities. We believe that the joy of being a child should be accessible to everyone and as a student-run organization, we are able to have students help students achieve this.

We directly provide the platform and resources to empower community centers, welfare centers and orphanage facilities to provide necessary educational materials for children so that they can flourish within their community.

Team Leaders

Yoonseo Choi

Founder and Head of Seoul Branch

Currently an international school student in Seoul, South Korea, Yoonseo extended her interests in music and service by creating this global platform. She initially worked with organizations in need of instruments for kids (such as xylophones or recorders), but now she has expanded the range of donated items.

Raina Park

Head of Atlanta Branch

Working from Atlanta, Georgia, Raina demonstrates her passion to support local charities by leading a group of dedicated students, contacting children organizations, and conducting donation drives at her school to gather objects that such groups are in desperate need. 

Our Past Projects



children from daniel social welfare corp.